Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Spooky!

A few more Halloween themed finishes popped up this week after my last post, so why don't I just close out the week on theme with those? :) 

Another great finish by TJ's of my Plaid Pumpkin:

Finishing by West Coast of these these three, beautifully stitched by Pat T.:

And yet another masterpiece by TJ's, my Candy Cornucopia is a fab handbag!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spooky Stuff for Spring??

If you have any experience with Spring weather, you should know to expect anything, right?  Certainly here in Houston last week I had thought that Spring was skipping us altogether and we were just jumping straight into Summer.  This week it seems we are getting Spring after all, but looking at my blog today it seems like Autumn has arrived instead!  That's the thing about needlepoint, it's any season, anytime!  My finish photos for this week are from two of my earlier club series, Crazy Patch Boo-nanza, a whole table full of candy corns, courtesy of The Classic Stitch:

From Louise's Needlework, there is this very cute Spooky Owl from my Hoot Hoot series:

This is the first time I've ever seen these finished with little feet and I am just in love with them! So cute!

Hope you like my "seasonal" photos for today, Happy Stitching! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What a Week!

I had the busiest week ever to start out the month of March, and I am only now getting sort-of caught up!  It always seems to work out for me that my otherwise empty calendar will have my few engagements all over-lapping or crammed into one very hectic week.  I started out the craziness with a weekend stitching retreat in Cleburne, Texas, where there was still this much snow on the ground, a whole week after the storms had passed:

Worried about getting snowed in, we brought tons of provisions, including this Texas-sized box of chocolates!

The hotel provided us with one of their largest conference rooms, which we had jam-packed.  This is just one corner!

I brought a ton of canvases to stitch, including Mod Ornaments:

A trip to Cleburne always includes at least one trip to Fancy Stitches!  This is a great stitch & finish of  one of my Texas flag canvases by Kathy.  It certainly does make me feel right at home to visit such a lovely shop that has so many of my canvases on the walls!

In May, Cynthia will be teaching another of my holiday collage canvases (she did the Halloween one last year.)

These are two versions of my Alpine Puzzle charted design that they have done, on lime canvas and on lavender. FYI, Fancy Stitches is THE place to call if you are looking for some of these very hard to find custom canvas colors.

Finally, I was in Cleburne also to pick up my models that were in the Thistle Hill needlepoint exhibit from the week before.  Unfortunately, the event was snowed-out for 3 of its 4 day run.  My friends and Thistle Hill volunteers Sally Ann and Sualice worked so hard toting these models around!  Here are a couple of photos that Saulice took of my stuff on display in the dining room:

And that was just the start of the week, I got home Sunday, went to the Houston rodeo on Monday, had a class on Tuesday, a stitch-in on Wednesday, my ANG meeting on Thursday, and then a 3-day Tony Minieri class Friday through Sunday! The rest of this month is pretty open though, and I need it to try to actually get some work done!  Happy Stitching! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Easter Collage Class at Fancy Stitches

Get your calendars marked now for my Easter Collage canvas, stitched and taught by Cynthia Pigg of Fancy Stitches in Cleburne, Texas.  Coming up on May 16th, be sure to call or stop in to sign up, or just set up to "ghost" the class if you live too far away.  

This is the second one of my seasonal collages that Cynthia has taught, the first one was my Halloween Night collage, pictured below.  Give them a call if you would still like to get the canvas, stitch guide & kit!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's In the Bag!

I have two really cute finishes today, both are tote bags!  This first one is my Harvest Colors Puzzle stitched by the daughter one of my most prolific fans, Gwynn L.  So happy that she is getting the next generation into needlepoint and that one of my designs could be a part of it!

Next up is a finish by Jane A. at The Stitching Studio and this one surprised me as I had never pictured one of my Owls on a tote bag, but I think it totally works!  

Pretty cool that the colors match so well on both totes, right?  I think I'm going to have to make one or possibly both of these for myself!  Better get to work then, Happy Stitching! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring Fox is Here!

Even if Spring is still far away (even here in Texas) at least we have this little Spring Fox to cheer us up!  This is another great stitch by Caroline D., who's stitching you last saw here on the blog when she stitched the Winter Fox.  For that one, if you recall, she had a matching fox magnet, a fox snap tray and even a fox dress!  I don't know if she did that again with this fox, but I do notice she gave this little girl a very cute little bow on her head, so sweet!

Hope this help chase away those winter blues!  Happy Stitching!