Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It's a Party!

It's a Peacock Party that is! There are now two great stitch guides for this canvas, the latest one was created by Sharon Quick:

I think this is so fabulous!  Lots of bling and fun stitches and did I say bling??  I have seen the actual stitch guide too and it is extremely high quality-- color pictures and numbered stitch graphs along with easy to read clear instructions.  If you would like to order a stitch guide for yourself, contact Sharon on her Facebook page.
Robin King also has a guide for this design, and sadly I don't have a photo because I am the model stitcher for it and I haven't finished it, bad on me!  Not for lack of fun, just lack of time!  Robin's guide is also excellent and loaded with fun techniques, to order email her at

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Souvenir Canvases

I love canvases that commemorate an event, memory or place.  This is a canvas I painted as a souvenir for of a group of friends who I go to a stitching retreat with at The Liberty Hotel in Cleburne, TX a few times a year. I stitched the one on the top and gave it to the hotel staff for their Christmas tree. My friend Linda stitched the one below and she made a very nice job of it too!

I also painted a souvenir canvas for our favorite needlework shop, also located in Cleburne, Fancy Stitches.  This one was stitched by shop teacher Cynthia:

I also have a series of canvases painted for the annual Needlepoint Love Story at Thistle Hill in Fort Worth.  These are the first 3 in that series:

And this is the 2017 one:

Thanks so much to Sally, Sualice, Suzy, Naomi and French Knot for their great work on the Thistle Hill ornament series!