Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Mini-Update

Just a little news to share today!  I wanted to show another CandyLand Christmas Trees finish, this one was stitched by Jamie Prosser with a darling frame courtesy of Mountain Shadow Studio.   Thanks to Pawley's Island Needlepoint for sharing their photo.

And here's something interesting I wanted to share-- if you would like to learn a cool technique for stitching with overdyed threads, visit cross stitcher designer Ink Circles' blog.  I remember originally learning this technique some time ago from CA Wells and I was thrilled to see this new take on the method.  It is definitely something you need to check out regardless of what type of stitching you do.  Tracy's post originally caught my eye because she used Gloriana's "Ada's Rainbow" for her stitched example.  (Yes, I did have some part in the development of this color!)

Finally, be sure to check Ruth's site to check which stores are signing up for my new retailer club, she will be updating the list again soon! 

Tomorrow will be the end of this short month, and once again I will be working on my Stitcherie Stitching Games canvas at the very last minute!  I will have a new progress photo to show on Friday, until then, Happy Stitching! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

More Pickins' From the Crazy Patch!

It's time to introduce another of the pieces in my new club series, Crazy Patch Boo-nanza, coming to a retailer near you this April!

But first, lets go way back in time to when this series was just a set of unstitched canvases and a big pile of threads and embellishments.  This is a picture of the initial batch of threads I assembled when I started out.  A few were removed, but many more were added to take their place!

Here's the cutie we're taking a closer look at today:

Starting from the top, it's bling and sparkle big time!  Most all of the threads I chose were either solid or else very subtly variegated, all the better to showcase the more dazzling threads, like the Holographic Fyre Werks I used here.  The green stripes are really blinged-out with Holographic chartreuse color sequins.  

It doesn't show well here, but the dots in the center are highly textured.  They are stitched in Loopy Basketweave, giving them a look almost like turkey work.  Surprisingly, these dots used almost an entire card of thread, but the look is very rich!

The bottom row is another area where I picked a big stitch for a small space, but don't worry about making it fit as I have charted the whole area for you in the stitch guide, meaning no struggle to compensate for you!  Lots of texture in this area too, with shiny, matte and sparkly threads all mixed together.  

So there you have number two of the two Stripes & Dots candy corns, next time we'll look at one of the pumpkins!  See you soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This N' That

I have more fun finishing and a trunk show update today. Let's start with this new finish from Barbara's Needlepoint in Sioux Falls, SD.  This was stitched by Angie and finished as a fabulous box by Barbara.  If you recall in my post from a couple weeks back, Barbara's also did a fantastic stitch and finish of my Candy Cornucopia canvas, check it out here.

And here is yet another tree, this is my Winter Tree canvas that was featured in Needlepoint Now a while back.  Great stitching is by Mary Powell and the terrific finishing is from Funda Scully.  Great work both of you!

This next one is an oldie but a goodie, it's my Pastel Puzzle canvas stitched and finished into a very cool pillow, courtesy of Pawleys Island Needlepoint:

I've been so excited to see last summer's Mystery Class project Garden Party Heart coming back from the finishers, this one in an amazing shadow box frame that really sets off the 3D effect on the center heart.  Thanks so much to Sue and Ruth for sharing!

And lastly, I just wanted to mention my trunk show at A Stitch in Time in Bethel, CT.  The show runs until February 25th so you still have time to stop in a have a peek, or if you are not local, you can always give them a call if you are looking for something in particular.

Hope you have enjoyed all the photos!  See you again this weekend for a closer look at one of the designs from my new club series!  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Club Series Crazy Patch Boo-Nanza

With my latest club series, Crazy Patch Boo-nanza, arriving in stores April first, I thought it was high time to start introducing each of the nine individual club pieces.  Altogether the set consists of six candy corns and three pumpkins:

Here is the first candy corn that I am spotlighting: 

Don't they finish up so cutely with all the ribbons and bows??

Staring from the tippy top, this is the area with the swirls, stitched with a variegated Threadworx floss background with DMC Memory Thread and Swarovski sequin swirls:

The center stripe is framed with Rainbow Gallery's Water N'Ice and miniature-sized Rick-Rack:

The dots on the center stripe are piled high with flower shaped sequins from The Collection:

Sometimes, I like to use really big stitches in really small areas.  The bottom stripes are a good example, this is sequin stitch worked in Vineyard Silk and Belle Soie.  The narrow stripe is a variation of Shadow Scotch with wool, rayon and beads for a variety of texture.

Here's the whole candy corn, prior to finishing:

Hope you have liked what you've seen so far, I'll be showing more over the next few weeks.  As with my other clubs, I have strived to give the stitcher the greatest variety of threads and stitches possible with few repeats within the series, the surest way to keep things interesting!  See you next time when we will be checking out one of the pumpkins! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Finishing and a Stitching Games Update

I have some really cute new finishing to show off today!  First of all is my Candy Cornucopia, stitched by Sandy with finishing by Barbara's Needlepoint, who always does a great job on their box finishes-- to check out the one they did with my Candyland Christmas, click here!  The stitching on this piece is amazing, they used my stitch guide as a starting point but did they ever expand and improve upon it!  The lettering is a great touch and I really admire how it is very whimsical in style but still easy to read.

In the detail photo below you can see the cute ribbons and buttons they added to the candy-- I love the extra dimension and texture they add!

Additionally, Barbara's Needlepoint intends to teach this piece in a class later in the year, I'll post more details when they are available.  

Thanks to Stephanie Wong for sharing photos of her finished Candyland Christmas with me-- she took it to Marlene's in San Francisco and had it finished into this fabulous leather purse, complete with a gorgeous green lining and monogramming!  It came out really great and I can only imagine the complements she's going to get carrying it around-- thanks Stephanie!

And though you've undoubtedly seen this already on Ruth's blog, I just couldn't resist showing it off one more time-- this is Ruth's own finished Garden Party Heart, done up in pink and green with cute felt "buttons".  Love it Ruth!!

Finally, here's an update on my Stitching Games progress: the canvas I chose was this, Ethel the Little Witch by Patty Paints.  The clue for January was "shape up" so I went for the very obvious interpretation and stitched her corset.  I used Neon Rays Plus and Sundance Beads in Criss Cross Hungarian.

That's it for now folks, thanks for looking and hope you are having a great week!  

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Designs Part Two

Earlier in the week I posted the first batch of my new for Winter 2013 designs and today I'll introduce you to the rest.  I have a couple more florals and a few new cats in the line up.

Again, my pink/orange/brown color obsession continues!  I'm calling this one "Floral Brocade" although I really should call it "Gold Rush" as it has at least six different shades of gold metallic, one for each of the four backgrounds and other gold highlights throughout.  In person it is very shimmery!  This is 8" x 8" on 18 count.

It's been a while since I had painted anything "Lilly" inspired so I added this-- "Lilly Damask", 8" x 8" on 18 count.  This is everything I like best, pink and green, swirl patterns, and of course just that fun preppy Lilly Pulitzer feel.  

And last but not least, more designs for the fans of black cats (of which I am one, of course!)  This one is "Purr More, Hiss Less" and I like how fierce the eyes are-- it looks like that kitty needs to take that advice!  This one is 3.25" x 5.25" on 18.  It is sized to fit the Lee leather bags numbered 44, 45 & 52.

Also sized for the same bags is this one, two black kitties on a vibrant lime green background:

These last two kitty groups are sized 4" x 8.25" on 18 count and they will fit the Lee leather bags numbered 26, 46 & 47:

There you have them!  You should start to see these in your local shops soon, as most stores are placing orders this weekend during the Needlework Market.  If you see something you "have" to have, be sure to contact your favorite needlepoint source and make sure they order for you!  Happy Stitching!