Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Classes Old & New!

Cynthia at Fancy Stitches has taught my Holiday collage canvases every year for a while now.   The first was my Halloween Collage:

Last year it was my Easter Collage:

This year it's my July 4th Collage.  Class is May 21st, give Fancy Stitches a call to sign up!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Fast and the Furry-ious??

Stitch a Falling Star may have to go bi-monthly so that we can keep the fast stitchers in the group busy!  I know of about a half dozen that finished their Fox canvas within days of receiving it, plus a handful of others I think are done but I haven't seen the canvas yet. Here are a few who have posted pictures in our FaceBook group, Alice, Emily and Lisa:

Next month is coming up fast and that will mean Owls!! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Class in May - "Uncle Sam's Happy 4th of July"!

Cynthia will be teaching my July 4th collage design at Fancy Stitches on May 21st, and sign ups are being taken now!  You may also sign up to get the canvas, kit and stitch guide if you are not local.  

Cynthia has taught one of my holiday collages every year, last year's was the Easter one and there are still a couple of kits available for that one too!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Special Delivery!

I'm up in the Dallas area this weekend, and I'm taking the opportunity to stop by Fancy Stitches for a special delivery-- this small mountain of canvas for the Stitch A Falling Star Club!

That's two stacks of 50 canvases each for the next two months of the club!  I hate having to put that many canvases in the mail so I am only too happy to be able to drop them off in person!
Now if you are in the club, don't jump the gun, these aren't due for release real soon.  Gayle and the ladies have to wear their little fingers out getting the edges taped first, plus put the last of the thread kits together.  But soon my friends, soon!  The canvases are ready and waiting, so meanwhile just keep on stitching that fox! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Caribbean Waves Bargello Ornament in the March/April Needlepoint Now!

Is it really March already??  The March issue of Needlepoint Now is making its way to mailboxes and needlepoint shops right now and you'll find my latest Bargello ornament inside:

Here's a preview picture for you, plus the materials list in case you want to get a jump on your shopping! 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Foxes Are On The Way!

Woo hoo!  Just received word that the Fox canvas from Stitch A Falling Star has started shipping and some of you have received yours already!  

Can't wait to start seeing some of these stitched because the cardinals all came out so great, so many of you added your own unique touches!  This is the latest finish from Alice G., check out her cute snowflake charms!

She also added a really cute variation to the sitting bird on the left, see how his little beak is stitched? Love that!!

If you are interested in this club, you have not missed out, we are only on the second canvas!  Just call Gayle at the number below and she'll get you set right up!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The 7 Day Needlepoint Challenge

I don't know who came up with the 7 Day Needlepoint Challenge, but it has really taken Facebook by storm lately.  A friend challenges another friend to post photos of their completed needlepoint every day for 7 days, then that friend challenges another, and well it goes on and on, chain letter style.  It has been great for me to see my designs appear, both older items, new ones and one or two that I barely recognized!  Here are a few of my faves:

This is Ann L's Purr More Hiss Less, with brilliant finishing by West Coast:

This is Pastel Puzzle, stitched by Beth S. and she changed so many of the colors I almost didn't recognize it!  I love what she did, it is the most creative stitch of one of my designs I have ever seen!

This is Harvest Puzzle stitched by Diane G. and finished in a Stirling folio.  I'm so sad Stirling is gone, they had colors that were perfect for my line!

CandyLand Christmas Trees stitched by Marla M. and finished with that wonderful West Coast finishing. (You know it is West Coast when you see those darling custom made feet!)

Garden Party Heart stitched by Mary J.  That gold frame is exactly what I would have chosen and those pink and green mats!  To die for!

Hope this challenge thing keeps on going for a while, it has been fun!