Wednesday, October 28, 2015

BOO, Part Two!

Here is the rest of the Halloween goodies that I started showing you in last week's post!  

Here is "Halloween Night" finished as the coolest pillow ever:

My Witch Hat Scissors Case finished as a stand-up:

My Witch Accessories Biscornu finished as a box top:

And finally two views of my Halloween Humbug:

Hope you all have a fabulous Trick or Treat weekend!! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's Spooky Season!

Boo!  It's almost easy to forget that it's Halloween time here in South Texas, since anything that looks or feels like Fall is still several weeks away!  However, my house is all decorated for the season, and I have some great Halloween finishes to show you!

First up is my Halloween Sampler cone, brilliantly stitched by Jennifer T.  Such nice finishing by Marlene's too!

Jennifer took a lot of great photos and I am grateful-- you can finally get a look at the back and inside!

This next finish just fascinates me, I've never seen several small needlepoints combined in one piece like this.  Only one of the designs is mine, the little black "Peeky Kitty" in the top center, but the overall combination of Halloween scenes along with that amazing custom cut and hand painted mat is just too cool for words!  Photo courtesy of Needle in a Haystack, framing from New Creation.

Once again, Pat T. and West Coast have teamed up on my Candy Corn series, here are two recent finishes, I really love these!

That's a lot to look at I know!  Stay tuned for Halloween part two next week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tons of Stitched Models on Display!

I've loaned all of my stitched models to Fancy Stitches and they have them on display all over the shop.  And better still, their fab photographer, web page master (and teacher), Cynthia P.  came in and took pictures, then made a special web page to show them off to all the online customers!  Check it out here.

And here they all are in full size, thanks again to Cynthia! 

Bracelet Series:

Halloween Treats:

Flowers & More:

 Bags for all occasions:

 Tickled Pink ornaments:

 Halloween Treat Bags:


 Even More Halloween:

And more Tickled Pink:

Christmas Tree Trio:

 Book Covers and an Ice Cream Treat:

Some Halloween goodies:

Thanks for looking, if you happen to be in the central Dallas area, be sure to stop by!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cutie Hooties!

Sharing two super-cute finishes of my owl designs today!  The first is my Spring Fever Owl, beautifully framed and customized for a special little girl.  Thanks so much to stitcher Lori T. and 2 the Point Needlepoint for sharing the photo!

This one is my Hoot Owl Trio, stitched by Julie S. with great finishing by TJ's.  Look at those googly eyes, love them!