Monday, January 31, 2022

Scenes From a Trunk Show

 In case you missed it, I'm sharing some of the lovely kits & groupings from my January Trunk Show at What's the Point!  

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Bejeweled Bargello Series Two is now shipping!  You may have seen the ad in the latest issue of Needlepoint Now, here's a closer look at the whole series.

Give your local shop a call to order one or all six new charts!


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Coming Soon!

I have a couple of new "custom" special event canvases coming out soon!

The first is my annual collector canvas for Thistle Hill's "A Needlepoint Love Story", a yearly exhibit of needlework displayed in the historic mansions of Fort Worth.  The 2022 ornament pictured below features the McFarland house in Fort Worth, the site of this year's exhibit.  All proceeds from canvas sales go to benefit the preservation of these homes.

Below is an anniversary ornament for The Tinsmith's Wife, located in Comfort, Texas.  This shop is a true "destination" shop and if you haven't been yet, get it on your list!  I recently spent two days there and it wasn't nearly long enough!! You can pre-order this ornament from the shop before it arrives later this year.  


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

New Year & New Finishes!

I have to show off these two great stitch & finishes today!  

Beverly C. stitched up my Thanksgiving Collage with her own stitch choices and isn't it fabulous?!  She had previously asked about getting a stitch guide for this canvas, but I think we can all agree she didn't need one, in fact she could be writing them herself!  Her stitch choices are just perfect, and how great is that turkey-work tail on the turkey???  LOVE this one!

Letha C. stitched my "Lilly" wallet and finished it inside this acrylic purse form, but that's not the whole story.  I was at my local shop one day and a friend and I were showing the shop owner these awesome acrylic purse forms and talking about how we wanted to stitch some things to go inside them when Letha comes walking in the door with this exact same purse!  It's like she's a stitching psychic, LOL!  In fact, once before at that same shop, the same friend and I were talking about my Sleepy Kitty canvas and how cute Letha had stitched it, when Letha came walking in the door with that same canvas, dropping it off for finishing, how coincidental it that??  

Any-hoo, did she do a great job on this or what?  And yes, she has it finished so that you can take it in and out of the purse-box and switch it out with other needlepoint, perfect-o!! 

Top view of the purse: