Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winter Fox Finished!

Remember when I showed you this mouth watering photo of all four of my fox canvases with their stitch guides and threads, taken upon their arrival at this lucky stitcher's home?

Well, that stitcher got started stitchin' right away, starting with the Winter Fox:

And ta-da!!  She is all done-- doesn't he look great?  Love all the textures, from the sparkly snowflakes to the velvety fur!

And if that doesn't blow you away, look at this-- she has a fox magnet AND a fox Snap Tray!

And if that didn't blow your socks off, then this will (it did mine!)-- she made a fox dress to celebrate the finish!!!! OMG, I am in AWE, no joke! Caroline, you may be my favorite stitcher EVER!

Will she have a new Snap Tray and dress for the other three foxes as well?  Oh, I hope so!! If so, you WILL see it here, so be sure to check back again soon! 

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