Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Quartet of Owls and More!

I have been waiting a long time to see these owls from my Hoot Hoot! club come back from West Coast Finishing and they were so worth the wait!  Judy G. used mostly stash threads, so I love to see the variations between these and the original series models. And as always, I just love Sue Parson's finishing! Great work, ladies!

And here is a trio of my designs made up into pillows for your perusal, each has some interesting variations as well. 

This is my Alpine Puzzle, courtesy of Fancy Stitches.  I love that this small 6x6 design has been inset into a much larger pillow, and the color, wow!  The bright had green is a very tiny part of the stitched piece, so I love that that color was chosen for the fabric, really makes it pop!

This is my Floating Hearts design, an 8 x 8 design that has been made into an only slightly larger pillow, and the extremely bright original colors have been greatly toned down, but I really like it!  Good work to the ladies at Gone Stitching!

This amazing transformation of my Lilly Damask design is courtesy of Rita S.  Originally in hot pink and lime green, Rita transformed into a very formal and elegant royal purple and green to better match her home decor.  Love it!

Keep those great finishing photos coming folks, I love to see your creativity!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Club Series "Stitch a Falling Star" Starts January 2016!

Big news today, I have a new club series!!  "Stitch a Falling Star" starts in January 2016 and is a shop exclusive club for Fancy Stitches.  This monthly series features the five canvases pictured below, each star is 5" on 18 count canvas.  This series is all about cute critters in their Christmas finery-- a the fox and the kitty are wearing their favorite scarves, the little birds have on their Santa hats, and the owls are decked out in their best argyle sweater vests!  And the cardinals are already naturally attired for festive winter holidays of course! 

Just give Fancy Stitches a call at 817 641 4761 to sign up or send them an email via their website  The club includes the canvas, threads and a full color stitch guide by Cynthia Pigg.  

I can't resist showing you a peek at one of the stitched ones, I wanted to wait until they are all back from the finishers, but I just can't because what Cynthia has done with them is just so wonderful!  And speaking of the finishing, just wait until you see what those Fancy Stitches gals have cooked up-- you'll be able to display these as ornaments, as stand ups or a combo of both! 

Cynthia's sweet fox:

Can't wait to show you the rest, come by again soon for more sneak peeks.  Be sure to email me here at the blog if you have any questions! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Summer Humbug Chart Now Available to All!

My "Summer Wonderful" Humbug, originally created for CyberPointers ANG, is now available to everyone!  This is a charted needlepoint design, stitched on white 18 count canvas.   The pictures below show you the various sides of this three dimensional project, which can be used as a frame weight.   The full color, 17 page chart is available from your local needlework store, please contact me at for more information.

Humbug and chart:

Top side view of Humbug:

Side view of Humbug

 Humbug flat, before assembly

The stitched model of this design, as well as the chart is currently in stock at Fancy Stitches if you happen to be in the Dallas area, come take a look or give them call at 817 641 4761 to order!