Wednesday, May 25, 2016

And They Keep on Rollin' In!

Finishes always inspire more finishes!  Another Owl Star has arrived, and this one is especially cool-- my friend Kathy was intrepid enough to change the direction of the bark on the tree!

And the Cardinal Stars, the first in the series, are now arriving back from the finisher's, this one is Harriet's:

So pretty! I really love the cording! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Stitch a Falling Star Update-- So Many Owls!

I'm still amazed that we have so many finishers in the Stitch A Falling Star club! Had I known how fast these ladies were I could have made this club the first-ever TWICE a month club!  Take a look at what all we have this month:

Alice was the first to finish:

Allison was an early bird too!

Emily's was the most recent finish:

Lisa's was also a fast finish once she got started:

And check out Polly's eyes!  There are great little personal touches on all of these, it's great!

Love these ladies, keep them coming!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Good Week For Finishes!

Some really great finishing photos today, it's been a prolific week for EyeCandy!

This one is courtesy of Jermies Needlepoint, and it is my favorite, because it is so different!!  This is my Vintage Skull Halloween Pail, but stitched in orange, who would have thought? I love it, I may have to stitch it again like this one!  

Here's the original-- so different!  The orange color totally works on this though! 

Rachel G. just got my Hoot Owl Trio back from New Creation Picture Framing and it is amazing! 

Sherrin E.'s Caribbean Waves ornament is back from TJ's Finishing, love it!

 Love this finish, also by TJ's, of my Stars N' Stripes canvas:

Not the only one of my stars to be finished by TJ's lately, here's Susan B.'s Halloween Star:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Water Flower, the Latest Bargello Ornament in Needlepoint Now!

You all should be getting your May/June issue of Needlepoint Now in the mail any day now!  This issue features number three in my series of Bargello ornaments, Water Flower:

Hope you'll enjoy stitching this one!  And if you like these ornaments, please consider signing up for my monthly club, Bejeweled Bargello!  It's a set of 12 brightly colored ornaments that come with embellishment packs of sequins, beads and crystals.  

Saturday, May 7, 2016

And Here's Another!

Add Polly V. to the list of finishers this week!  Looks great, love the beading on the ornaments! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Well, That Didn't Take Long!

It did not take long to answer the question posed in last week's post about who will be the first to finish the Owls, it was Alice G.! 

She's all done and just waiting for the next star!  This one came out so cute, and just look at her matching owl magnet!  Great job Alice, star #4 will be on it's way soon!

Who knew that this club would attract the world's fastest stitchers?  I am in heaven! With all these finishes to post, I can hardly keep up!

Fast stitching also means fast finishing, so you should not be surprised that we also have TWO ladies that have their finished cardinals at home already!  Lisa C. and Allison J. both are enjoying their completed stars:

Alison's, above, was finished through Fancy Stitches, who had it made into a dimensional piece that is wide enough to be a stand up, but is still able to hang on a tree too! 

Lisa had hers finished the same way, but she added some personal touches to the design, such as the bits of floss in the cardinal's beaks-- they are "decorating" their tree! 

This group has got to be the best bunch that any club series ever had!  Love their speed and creativity!  And to have the club at only the halfway mark and to be seeing finished pieces already is just amazing.  Thanks ladies, you all are THE BEST!