Thursday, September 18, 2014

Judy's Owls

Judy G. has recently finished stitching all six of my Hoot Hoot! owls, using my stitch guides but her own stash threads, and they came out great, like all of Judy's stitching.  I'm so happy to show the whole set off to you here today.  Hopefully sometime soon I'll have more photos, when they come back from the finishers!

Holiday Owl

 Spring Fever Owl

Patriot Owl

Harvest Owl

Winter Snowy Owl

Spooky Owl

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just a Few More Days to Register for Mod Ornaments Mystery!

Here's a photo to tempt you!  Sandra Arthur has been fine tuning the thread kits for the Mod Ornaments class, here's a peek at some of the contenders!

Remember to send Sandy an email to confirm your registration by September 15th, and be sure to consider joining the Yahoo Discussion Group that she has set up for the class-- it's sure to be informative and fun.

There are several stores participating in the Mystery, and you can sign up that way too.  3 Kittens Needle Arts have set up a Stitch-a-Long style class, you can find sign up information here.  Serendipity Needle Works in Alabama also is participating, sign up with them here.

Hope you decide to play along with us, it's going to be so much fun! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Cuff Bracelet Design for Needlepoint Now-- Witches' Familiars

My newest design for Needlepoint Now is officially available!  This is the second in a series of cuff bracelet designs that I started with the Tropicana Cuff.  This is a Halloween theme that can easily be adapted to any theme you would like-- your favorite holiday or hobby or color, a perfect piece to use that special color thread or embellishment that you've been looking to showcase.  I hope you'll have fun experimenting with this design.  Be sure to send me a picture of what you come up with so I can showcase it here!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Only 12 More Days to Get Registered for Mod Ornaments Mystery Class!

Here is all the information, directly from Sandy's blog:

Just look at this!  My goodness there are all kinds of possibilities lurking on this piece of canvas! can bet there will be lots of bling.

For those of you not into the  hot pinks and lime greens, I will be offering an alternate color way for the traditional holiday colors of greens, reds, purples, blues, golds, etc.

So, just send me an email telling me you'd like to participate and we'll get you registered right away.  Scroll on down and read earlier posts about the class.  It is made up of 6 monthly lessons posted at $25 each.  There is a Yahoo discussion group if you would like to participate as a member.  Individual invoices will be emailed monthly. Lessons will be emailed to you individually.

Would love to have you join us!


Click HERE to go directly to Sandy's blog to register!