Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Catching Up In Summer (School)!

I am doing some "catch-up" stitching this summer, much as you might have to catch up on school work in summer school.  Not to sound like it's drudgery though, not at all!  Since I'm not working on stitching new models right now, I have a little time to go back and work on stitching on stuff that I get to keep for myself!  

I will probably finish stitching this Vintage Candy Pail this week and then I'll have four out of the set of six pails completed, yay!  Can't wait for the first Halloween when I'll have the whole set!

I finished the Palm Tree Heart last week, it will be number thirteen out of the seventeen ornaments from my Tickled Pink series that I have completed.  I am also looking forward to my first Christmas tree decorated with the whole set.  These ornaments are especially sentimental to me because they were some of my earliest designs and my very first club series.

Next up on the bars is the Palm Tree tree-- the trees are my favorites in the series.  No doubt, it's because of the cool finishing, gotta love the swirly hanger and the dangling base below.  

July has brought catch up stitching of all kinds-- the ongoing project that I'm working on for this year's Stitcherie group project got a lot of attention this month.  As fitting for the vacation season, KB didn't draw a clue for us this month, choosing instead to give us our "independence" and stitch any part of our canvas we wanted.  Again, I chose to get caught up on all the areas of my canvas I had started but not finished, such as the scarf and skirt, as well as make changes to areas already stitched, such as replacing the beads on her corset with cross stitches made of Fyre Werks.  

Summertime is also great for shopping and catching up on what's new in the stitchy world-- there are so many new thread colors out that I "needed" to get, plus some fabulous sequins as well.  I picked up all of these from one of my several local Houston shops.  Those two new shades of fuchsia pink Silk Lame' braid on the lower left are so gorgeous!  Those will undoubtedly be appearing on a new EyeCandy model soon! 

Hope you have enjoyed catching up with me today, and that you are having a terrific summer!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Stitching

Hi all!  Hope everyone had a fantastic July 4th weekend!  In keeping with the season and summer stitching, I'd like to share some of my summer holiday canvases and some fantastic stitching and finishing.

This is my "Uncle Sam's Happy Fourth" canvas.  It's part of a set of four designs all built around the major holidays.

The cutie pie below is "Sammy", who was last year's Summer Challenge canvas over on Stitcherie.  The group had so much fun stitching him, and everyone really made their canvas their own with lots of great personal touches.  This is Judy Gartman's Sammy-- she used such great stitches and her finished banner is so summery!

Palma Seljan's Sammy is also very fabulous, I love the buttons and the multi-color beach blanket!  Note each canvas has touches of "Ada's Rainbow" from Gloriana silks, my signature color.  Part of the challenge criteria was to use that color somewhere on the canvas.  Both ladies met that challenge very well!

This is "Stars N'Stripes", stitched by Judy Furie.  She and I both love glitz, I love all the beads, sequins and metallics she used here!

Last but not least is my Patriot Owl, part of the Hoot! Hoot! series.  This one is beautifully stitched and photographed by Angie Laube.  Note her matching magnet too!  Nice work Angie!

Hope this gets you in the mood for some summertime stitchin'!  Until next time, stay cool and stitch on! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Have a Happy July 4th Everyone!!

Hope you all have a great holiday with lots of stitching time!!

"Sammy", stitched by Judy Gartman