Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Teaching "Mod Merry" at Fancy Stitches!

If you've been following my blog recently, you'll recall that I was pretty excited about my class last weekend at Fancy Stitches.  The weekend has now come and gone, and for me at least, it was even better than I had anticipated.  Being a novice teacher, I was a little nervous, especially when I realized  my class was made up of 12 of the very best stitchers in the Fort Worth/Dallas area!  I dare not estimate the combined years of experience in that room!  I had nothing to worry about as it turns out, as I am very lucky to call these ladies my very good friends too, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  The amount of progress everyone made on their canvas was really impressive, as was the fact that they stitched all day, hardly taking a break!  I can't imagine ever being lucky enough to have a group like this again, but I can hope!  

I have to thank the shop's owner, Gayle, for taking the photos and sharing them with me.  Here is a look at Table One:

And here is Table Two:

Both tables plus part of the fabulous Model Wall in the background:

And our project for the day, Mod Merry:

Make a point of visiting Fancy Stitches if you can, it is a fabulous shop, with more stitched models than you will ever be able to take in on a single visit!  If you would like a kit for this design, just give them a call at 817-641-4761 and they will fix you right up!