Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Happy Holidays, a Canvas Update!

I stitched the canvas below as a gift for one of my favorite hotels, the Liberty in Cleburne, Texas.  My stitcher friends gather there 4-5 times a year to retreat and stitch and eat, and the hotel staff are always the perfect hosts.  I wanted a souvenir canvas not only for all my friends but something to gift the hotel as well.  My friend Kathy snapped a photo of it on the Liberty's tree this year:

I have recently updated this canvas, instead of having 2016 painted at the bottom (which marks the year I gifted it), it now has the "L" of the hotel logo.  This canvas will be available at Cleburne's local shop, Fancy Stitches.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Spooky Star Stitched!

Showing off one of Cynthia's stitched Spooky Stars today!  This is the Crows star, I really love this one because of the thread she picked for the tree.  It's a very subtly shaded metallic that really gives this great foggy and spooky effect I think. 

This is a set of five ornaments exclusive to Fancy Stitches, give them a call for more details and to sign up!