Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Finishing and a Stitching Games Update

I have some really cute new finishing to show off today!  First of all is my Candy Cornucopia, stitched by Sandy with finishing by Barbara's Needlepoint, who always does a great job on their box finishes-- to check out the one they did with my Candyland Christmas, click here!  The stitching on this piece is amazing, they used my stitch guide as a starting point but did they ever expand and improve upon it!  The lettering is a great touch and I really admire how it is very whimsical in style but still easy to read.

In the detail photo below you can see the cute ribbons and buttons they added to the candy-- I love the extra dimension and texture they add!

Additionally, Barbara's Needlepoint intends to teach this piece in a class later in the year, I'll post more details when they are available.  

Thanks to Stephanie Wong for sharing photos of her finished Candyland Christmas with me-- she took it to Marlene's in San Francisco and had it finished into this fabulous leather purse, complete with a gorgeous green lining and monogramming!  It came out really great and I can only imagine the complements she's going to get carrying it around-- thanks Stephanie!

And though you've undoubtedly seen this already on Ruth's blog, I just couldn't resist showing it off one more time-- this is Ruth's own finished Garden Party Heart, done up in pink and green with cute felt "buttons".  Love it Ruth!!

Finally, here's an update on my Stitching Games progress: the canvas I chose was this, Ethel the Little Witch by Patty Paints.  The clue for January was "shape up" so I went for the very obvious interpretation and stitched her corset.  I used Neon Rays Plus and Sundance Beads in Criss Cross Hungarian.

That's it for now folks, thanks for looking and hope you are having a great week!  

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