Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A CandyLand Retrospective

I am so proud of all the stitchers who have completed and finished their CandyLand Christmas Tree Farm canvases!  I sure wish I was among them-- hopefully someday I will be.  My canvas from Ruth Schmuff's 2011 Christmas Mystery Class is still half-stitched in my WIP pile, but at least I get to enjoy other folk's finishes in the meantime!  I suppose that by the time I do get mine ready to go to the finisher, I will have plenty of ideas to choose from based on all the wonderful examples that I've seen so far.

This one, stitched by Pat Thompson and finished by Marlene's Custom Pillows is definitely one of my favorites-- I am in love with the orange and pink fabric and the loopy multi-color trim is to die for! 

But this one, stitched by Susan Alcorn and finished by West Coast Needlepoint Finishing is also great-- I love how the white fabric sets off the color and of course the red and white candy cane trim is absolutely inspired!

This is the one that Ruth stitched as the class model and it was also finished by West Coast-- love it as a bolster pillow, it looks like a big Christmas cracker!

I think I may do a box finish like this for mine, I have a lot of ornaments and ribbons in my stash that I can add for a bow topper.  This was stitched by Barbara's Needlepoint customer Angie with finishing by Emily Studemann for the box and Barbara herself for the bow.

And finally, another fabulous pillow from West Coast, also in that delicious blue fabric!  Check out that crystal trim!

If you would like to know more about this design, you can go back and see all the progress photos and stitchy chatter on Ruth's Mystery Blog page and on the Stitcherie discussion page too.  And if you have a finished CandyLand to share, please email a photo to me and I will be happy to post it.  And I will be most happy to post my own here, eventually!  Thanks for looking and Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow. I love seeing all the different finishes.

  2. The pillows are all amazing! But I have to say that the box is my favorite! I would never have thought of having it finished that way.

  3. Thanks Ada for sharing, beautiful!! Donnelle