Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cats and Birds Make For Some Great Finishing!

Cats and birds go together like oil and water, but together they do make for some pretty creative and fun finishing to show off this week!   Here are three of my Holiday Birds series canvases finished into a very one of a kind vertical garland:

Pretty nifty, right?  That is the kind of outside-the-box thinking that you get from the creative mind of Sue Parsons at West Coast Finishing, who came up with this clever way to combine two "landscape" shaped ornaments with one "portrait" shape.  Thanks so much to Pat Thompson who stitched this trio and shared her photo, great work Pat!

And another amazing finish of a relatively simple and small canvas belongs to Diane Gasior, who stitched my "Peek-a-Boo Kitty" and sent it to Mountain Shadow Studio for this incredible piece:

Look at these great details:

Hand painted details on the finial and a perfectly matched lamp work bead for the topper-- that is some top-notch work from the team at Mountain Shadow, love it.  It is a perfect complement to Diane's lovely stitching-- I am crazy about that background stitch!

And here is a photo of Diane's inspiration to stitch this design-- her daughter's cat, Ramona:

Look at that sweet face, isn't she a beauty? She reminds me so much of my own sweet Pooh Bear, who inspired me to paint the canvas design.  Cats are obviously very good muses!

As always, if you have any EyeCandy of your own to share, please do send me a photo so I can brag about you here! :)  Thanks for looking, see you back soon! 

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