Friday, March 16, 2012

Winter's Snowy Owl from the Hoot Owl Series

The pastel shades, fuzzy textures and the sparkle and shine of the Winter season were the style inspiration for the Snowy Owl. I picked through my stash for my iciest colors as well as five different shades of white in both metallics and furry textures. I think the end result is both frosty and cuddly!This detail of his wing shows a combination of Sparkle Rays, Wisper, Kreinik and beads, worked in a laid filling technique.
Another fun thread that gives a great subtle sparkle is Flair. I used a whole card of it for his eye rings, stitched in Loopy Basketweave. His pupils glisten with Delica beads worked in Basketweave Beading.
His beak glistens in a pastel orange shade of Water N' Ice. I placed two Sprat's Head stitches side by side for the shape.
Here he is all finished and ready to take flight on silken wings.
Hope you are enjoying these early peeks at the Hoot Owl series that begins next month with participating retailers. Spring Owl will be next owl profiled, please stay tuned!

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