Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Challenge Updates and the Challenge to Come

Our Challenge stitchers over on Stitcherie were hard at work on Sammy over the weekend. Much progress was made and a great time had by all sharing photos, comments and suggestions, as well as just fun chatting, of course. We don't mind when the conversation goes "off topic"!
Here is Judy's canvas so far. We all had to talk her out of changing her water and it's a good thing too, I think it looks swell. (Pun intended!)
Karen is moving right along as well. She has done more stitching since this photo, but this one shows off her sand the best. The thread and stitch she chose really work nicely! She is currently a little frustrated with her sky though, she's listening to Don Quixote while stitching and says she feels like she's "tilting at windmills" herself. She made another good observation this morning when she said it may "take a village to stitch this canvas" and she's so right, Stitcherie really is a stitchy village!
Like the true stitchers we are, we are already planning the next Challenge even though we have just gotten started on this one. (And it is not too late to join in on this one, we have a few stitchers who won't get started until April so do join us if you want!) The next Challenge is due to start in June and our Challenge Master this time will be Colleen Church, owner of the fabulous needlepoint store The Needleworks in Austin, TX. We are all anxious to see what she will come up with for challenges, they are sure to be interesting as Colleen really knows her needlepoint. Plus, she is such a good sport that she agreed to come up with rules for two different canvases! This time, the voting was so close between two different designs it was decided to do both. (We are nothing if not flexible!) So this Challenge is going to be exceptional, I think as we are essentially doubling our fun with two canvases. What I'm wondering is will we have any stitchers intrepid or crazy enough to do both??? I hope so!

This is the canvas that had the most votes. It's called "In the Good Ole Summertime" by Dream House Ventures. Size 8 x 8 on 18 count.
This one was a very close second: Yellow Floral by Melissa Shirley, 9 x 11 on 13 count.
So we have a lot to look forward to for Summer stitching this year! Hope you will decide to join us-- remember, even if you decide not to stitch along, we have plenty of folks who "watch from the sidelines" and cheer the others on. Hope to see you there!

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