Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrate the Season With the Holiday Owl

The sixth and final owl in this preview is the Holiday Owl, all decked out for the most festive season of all in pink and green. He's also a little bundled for the weather in a couple of warm, furry textures as well, thanks to a little Fuzzy Stuff and Petite Peluche. There are variegated silks and holographic sparkles throughout too!

Here he is all set to fly down your chimney with his little silk wings:
Here he is stitched and flat, the better for you to see his holiday finery:
I was looking to do something special for his chest feathers-- something feathery but also I wanted the look of vintage-style glass tree ornaments. I came up with a variation on the Barred Beetle stitch, framing holographic green sequins in pink silk and metallic. Wait 'til you see how these shine!
His wings are pretty jazzy in Byzantine with Peluche and Sparkle Rays:
I chose a Very Velvet for the beak because of the luscious orange color it comes in; the stitch is a Fern variation:
I hope you have enjoyed this preview of my upcoming series. My distributor, Ruth Schmuff, mailed the first owl shipment out to stores yesterday, so get your needles ready! In honor of the current season, she has chosen the Spring Owl to be the first owl out the door, so you should get her in all her pink and green glory sometime next week. Hope you will enjoy and if you have any questions at all, please do send me an email. Happy Stitching!

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