Sunday, March 4, 2012

Revisiting Aurora Borealis Revisited

I have been very happily following Pat's progress on Aurora Borealis Revisited over on her blog, Needleartnut. I've always enjoyed watching people stitch a project that I myself have longed to do, and when you have a really big pile of projects in your stash as I have, watching may be as close as you ever get to actually stitching them! But it's maybe even more fun to watch as someone works their way through a project that you have already completed, especially if it's one that you enjoyed stitching as much as this:
This is my Aurora Borealis Revisited, stitched, framed and everything! I had so much fun with this piece! It sums up what I love most about canvaswork, filling small areas with beautiful color, fun threads and interesting composite stitches. I would happily stitch this one again, and by watching Pat stitch away on hers, I am sort of reliving my own pleasant experiences with the piece. (I wish that my flowers on the yellow section were as colorful as Pat's though!) I hope to stitch the original version of this design from the old Needlepoint News magazine. The "Revisited" version is from Needlepoint Now and both were created by the fabulous Marnie Ritter, who's work I adore. Her designs fill out most of my Top Ten list of canvaswork designs I want to stitch someday! She is an absolute master of pattern.

Here is more teasing, continued from my tease pictures from Friday. As I mentioned, I'm working on a new club series, so top secret I cannot show you an actual whole picture (yet!) :) I showed you the before and after threads, and swore to you that I did actually attach some of them to a canvas, and here it is:
Just a small section, but do see that I have lots of color, sparkle, texture and fun stitches planned for you. Just what it is yet will have to wait, but you are free to start guessing!

Finally, an update from yesterday-- no, I did not finish Katy's necklaces yet (hopefully will be done with those before lunch today) and did not even touch Tahiti again. Good intentions though!


  1. This is lovely. Do you know what issue of Needlepoint Now this is from?

  2. Thank you! It was printed part by part over the course of several issues, starting in 2001, but I'm not sure which issue it started in. Marnie Ritter has a website ( ) where she sells a kit for this design along with many of her other designs and her terrific stitch books. Enjoy!!

  3. Ooohhhhh! I like yours too! Thanks for sharing the photo....revisited starts in the May June 2001 Needlepoint Now and then the July/August and the final installment is in September/October. I bought my kit from Ms Ritter at Callaway Gardens a couple of years ago and it has all the fibers in it!

  4. Thank you and thanks too for sharing the info, Pat! Getting to buy direct from Marnie at Callaway no less-- definitely on my want-to-do list!!