Monday, March 5, 2012

Introducing Summer's Patriot Owl from the Hoot Owl Series

I'd like to start introducing you to the owls in my new retailer club series that is starting next month. Hoot Hoot! is the series name and it is a set of 6 retro inspired owls that combine seasonal and holiday themes. The owl for summer is Patriot Owl and his red white and blue color scheme reflects not only summer but all the holidays that set the season, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. Here at home I set out my patriotic decor in mid-May and leave it up all summer long until mid-September. I hope Patriot Owl will inspire you to celebrate all summer long too!

Here he is all finished as a cute stand up, with cording, silk wings and a coordinating wooden base. This is him before finishing, but completely stitched. Threads include Au Ver A Soie, Silk Lame' Braid, Fyre Werks Soft Sheen, ThreadWorx Floss, Silk N' Colors and more!
I made an effort in this series to make each owl unique in threads and techniques, so there are very few stitches or threads that are used twice anywhere in the 6 designs. I also wanted to try something new and/or unconventional on each owl, either in threads or stitches and sometimes both. On the Patriot Owl, I used the new Kreinik Hot Wire thread on his chest to make the zig zags. With the fine wire running through the core of the metallic, this thread is a dream to couch with as the wire holds its shape beautifully, but is also very flexible.
Again, in an effort to give the stitcher maximum variety, I made a point to stitch each owl's beak differently. This one is done in a variation of fern stitch using Trebizond silk.
I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of Patriot Owl. If you would like to see even more detail photos of this and the other owls in the series, please visit the photo albums on my Facebook page. The Hoot Owl club starts shipping next month and will be available at shops nationwide. If you don't have a local needlepoint shop (I myself am of one of the many who don't) check my EyeCandy website for a list of retailers that will do the club via mail order.


  1. counting the days for the club to start, these are so darling

  2. Ada-Can you get just one owl? My daughter is Chi O and their mascot is the owl. I would love the one that is predominantly red and gold as those are Chi O colors.

    1. Sorry, it is a club series right now so you would have to sign up for the whole set. However, if you are not in a hurry, I anticipate that Ruth will make them available as individuals most likely in January for the Winter TNNA show. I do have some owls in my line that are available, but not in those colors. If there were big enough demand, I could see painting something specifically for Chi O. BTW, your daughter's painting on your blog the other day was lovely!

  3. Thank you, Ada. I can wait until January. I have a few things in my stash if you know what I mean. They are very cute.

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    1. I'm pretty sure it was West Coast Finishing!