Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hoot Hoot, It's Fall's Harvest Owl!

Next up in my Hoot Owl series is Fall's Harvest Owl. I used to live in the Napa Wine Valley in California and even though I've lived in the Northeast for several years now (the land of nearly mythical fall colors and deservedly so) I still think of Fall colors in the terms of the grape harvest-- wines, purples, grape-leaf greens and the like. Those are the shades that color the Harvest Owl:His eyes have been beaded in Basketweave Twill with a blend of Silk Lame' Braid and shiny hex-shape beads for an amazing sparkly and textured effect. The pupil on this owl is an eyelet of Fyre Werks and Kreinik Braid.
I didn't entirely leave out the traditional fiery orange colors of Fall-- his chest is a gorgeous Belle Soie silk mixed with Sparkle Braid. The Sprat's Heads make for very stylized "feathers" and are stitched in the most delicious shade of fuchsia Petite Very Velvet.
The wings are Fuzzy Stuff and more of the Velvet, plus I decorated them with Swarovski Crystal Sequins in Fuchsia.
Hope you are enjoying these early bird previews of the series! For even more photos of each owl, please see my EyeCandy Facebook page.

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