Thursday, March 22, 2012

BOO! It's the Halloween Spooky Owl!

Halloween is my very favorite holiday so I knew that I had to create an owl dedicated to the occasion. I gave him raven black head feathers, a sickly but cute green face and a jazzy set of wings and chest feathers that were inspired by the snappy outfits worn by vintage Halloween figurines that I collect.

I love the little black wings the finisher added! Shall we call him Count Von Hoot?
Here he is pre-finishing so you can get a better look at all his fun details:
His head got the full Bride of Frankenstein treatment at the salon! It's a mixture of Sparkle Rays and Fuzzy Stuff. His face and eye rings are pretty Franken-ized as well:
Silk N' Colors floss accentuated with rows of beads and yes, that is good old-fashioned rick rack decorating his wings. I sealed the ends of the rick rack with a very light dab of fabric glue and then tacked it down over the canvas with a clear nylon thread. It looks sort of crazy and unusual so I love it for Halloween designs.
Belle Soie is a very subtly variegated silk which is one of the reasons I love it for needlepoint. It's never too "stripey" if you know what I mean. Plus it has the softest texture of any silk I've ever worked with. I combined it with Sparkle Rays and Panache to stitch his chest:
Hope this owl has you happily anticipating your next Halloween celebration. Who knows, maybe you will have yours stitched and finished in time for him to guard your candy bucket! The biggest celebration of the year will close out the Hoot Owls series preview, next time we will take a look at the Holiday Owl!

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