Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stitching Games Progress

Is it really February already?  I just barely made it in time to get my canvas entered in the Stitching Games 2014 over on Stitcherie.  I posted my unstitched canvas "Witch's Garden Collage" in the Enter the Stitching Games forum, then got to work stitching for January's clue, which was "straight".

I'm one of those literal types with the clues, so I thought about stitching the straight elements on my canvas, in this case the flower stems.  But I really wanted a bigger start than that, having learned from last year's Games that only stitching teeny areas each month leaves you with a LOT of stitching to do come November's finish date!  So I decided to go "straight" to the area I really wanted to stitch, which was the kitty cats panel:

Those were an easy job of Basketweave in black Neon Rays, while the background is T-Stitch in Vineyard Silk.  

February's clue was announced today and it is "Samba".  My thought is that skirt and those shoes will be perfect for Samba dancing once they are stitched up with some fancy stitches and sparkly threads!  Hopefully, I might even get that stitched up today and posted, making me one of the monthly "McGraws", as in one of those "quick-draw" stitchers that get their clues stitched right away.  I'm almost always one of the last-minutes, posting my work on the last day of the month! 

This is not my only Stitcherie project right now, as we have a Challenge going on now called "What Does the Fox Say?" and it is an opportunity for all to bring out any animal-themed canvases that may have been languishing in your stash and get to work on them as part of a group.  I just happened to have this brand-new fox canvas on my drawing board so I finished him up and will be stitching away on him soon!  

 It's not too late to join is the Stitching Games if you want, as you can start at any time.  The Fox Challenge just started also, so there is time for that too-- hope to see you there! 

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  1. Ada, you are a wonderful supporter of all stitchy fun and games!