Monday, February 24, 2014

More New Designs!

As you may recall, I recently relocated to Texas.  I am very happy to present to you the first designs in what will be an ongoing collection of Texas-themed canvases. 

To start things off, I have a series of state-shape ornaments, each one is 5.5" at the widest point.  These would also make a great centerpiece to a Texas-shaped throw pillow.

Each design is emblazoned with a word or slogan-- here is "Hey Y'all" (that's our favorite greeting, don't you know!)

And "Big & Bright", a phrase from the song "Deep in the Heart of Texas":

And simply, (for me anyway), "Home":

This one is "Love Texas" and would be a good addition to a tree of state-themed ornaments:

I have some state flag ornaments too-- these are 4" x 7", making for a Texas-sized ornament or a center for a pillow top.

"No Place Like Home", a sentiment I take to heart:

And something for the holidays, with a little Texas twist-- "Jingle Y'all the Way":

That's it for now, but there will soon be more to come in the Texas line (including a new owl for your favorite cowboy) and a new set of the latest "It" critters, namely, foxes!  (In EyeCandy colors, of course!)  


  1. Owls are foxes are to get the Eye Candy treatment?! HURRAH! Bring on the eye candy!

    1. Thanks Jane! I posted a little sneaky peek of the foxes over on Stitcherie-- it's in the "What Does the Fox Say?" discussion, under Who's Up for a Challenge.

    2. Well, shoot-- why didn't I just post you a link?? Here it is: