Monday, February 10, 2014

Stitching Games February Clue "Samba"

I finished stitching my clue for February in this year's Stitching Games pretty early in the month, for me anyway! I usually end up posting at the last minute on the last day of the month.  But this one was a no-brainer to me.  For the clue "samba", what else to stitch but the sparkly dress and shoes?  As usual, I cannot wait for next month's clue!

This is a photo of the whole canvas, my Witch's Garden Collage:

For last month's clue, I stitched the cats:

Have you noticed that nowadays we stitchers are so spoiled for choice for materials and accessories that in addition to embellishing your stitching with the latest threads and stitches, there is a whole range of goodies for accessorizing each canvas? 
If I can, I always pick a needle magnet that coordinates with the theme of the canvas. I have also discovered Washi Tape.  It's a decorative masking tape that is very hot among paper crafters right now.  It's slightly less adhesive than masking tape, but is archival quality and acid free, so I taped the edges of my canvas with this fun black and white damask pattern.  It works great and adds another fun touch to the whole stitching experience.  

It's not too late to join in the fun over on Stitcherie.  We have had a  new batch of stitchers come in this month and they are busy stitching their January and February clues.  Click here to go directly to the Stitching Games 2014 page.  

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  1. I love Washi tape! Good for you for finding a new use for it. :o)