Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearts Hearts Hearts-- Happy Valentine's Day!

Hearts are very sentimental to me, because they were among my earliest designs.  My very first canvas collection included two heart designs-- Alpine Heart and Tropical Heart, named for their color schemes.

Alpine Heart:

Didn't this one finish up beautifully?

Tropical Heart:

This one is finished as a bag that I still carry around today!

My favorite of all though is still Floating Hearts, it was my first design for Needlepoint Now, published in the May/June 2010 issue.

There were four heart shaped ornaments in my very first club series, Tickled Pink.  This one is the Flip-Flop Heart:

My favorite of the four was the Tropical Heart:

And several other, yet to be stitched hearts are in my line too:

Pink Plaid Heart:

Hugs & Kisses Heart (named for the little X's and O's in the center):

And the latest (and largest in size), Pattern Party Hearts:

Hope you have enjoyed this avalanche of hearts!  Stay warm and cozy my Valentines, and Happy Stitching! 

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