Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Ornaments

A while back, I painted a set of four Halloween teardrop-shaped ornaments inspired by the Christmas themed ones I had done for my first club series, Tickled Pink.  They feature motifs that had first appeared on my Halloween Sampler series and each has it's own color scheme.  I stitched the Black Cat ornament to serve as a model for the set:

More recently, Judith Furie stitched the other three designs in the set, choosing amazing stitches and threads for each.  Here is the Jack-O-Lantern ornament:

Isn't this great?  She did Basketweave Beading for the pumpkin, plus found a way to add both color and sparkle to even the teeniest rows!

The Witch Hat ornament-- again, just fabulous thread color selection and beads for the center motif:

 The threads Judy selected for the Bat ornament are just mouth-watering aren't they??

She also added a bit of dimension to this one with ruched RibbonFloss for the black and white borders.

Did you notice also that she hardly repeated any thread or stitch?  Judy is always so creative, plus you can count on great color, sparkle and bling!  Remember my Summer Stitching post from last July?  That was Judy again with my Stars 'N' Stripes canvas.  Keep 'em coming Judy, we love what you do!

Can you believe Halloween is tomorrow night?  I can't, mostly because I still have two full bags of candy that have not yet even been opened!  Usually by this time I've had to purchase a replacement bag (or two.)  Guess I really have been busy!  Next time I hope to have a new Halloween piece to share with you.  In the meantime, I hope you have a very Happy Halloween!

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