Friday, October 5, 2012

Stitch or Treat!

I am ready to do some Halloween stitching!  I am still not set up to paint yet, so I have been looking through my older designs for something to stitch on until I can finish setting up my studio.  I have quite a few older designs that I'd like to make some new companions for, plus ideas for new series as well.  The design at the top is a long, skinny banner that I'd love to stitch up to add to a black feather wreath that I have in my collection.

The three scary fellows below are Heckle, Jekyll, and Boo.  They are part of a series I started a while back called "Little Terrors" and I have always wanted to stitch them.  They should be pretty quick projects as they are only 3x3 (hence the name "Little" Terrors!)

I'm not the only one working on stitching my older designs, as Ruth Schmuff wrote on her blog earlier this week, she too caught the bug to stitch my Halloween Forest canvas.  Take a look at those yummy threads and beads-- this one will be great, hope she will have pictures to show us soon!

I've been working on my Halloween decorating and that has really gotten me in the mood for the season.  I am still only about half done-- here's a somewhat crummy iPhone picture of my mantle, it still needs some work but I do have some of my favorite pieces up there. (Or at least some of my favorite pieces that I've unpacked so far, there are several more boxes to unload so I'm bound to find more!)

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of the Fall season as well-- Happy Stitching! 


  1. Looks like at least your mantle is ready! Hope you get the studio up and running soon. The idea of no new EyeCandy designs for January makes me want to cry.