Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Stitching

I haven't been stitching a lot this summer so far, but I have enjoyed stitching by proxy by watching others stitch my designs!  Ruth Schmuff put together a stitch guide and kit for my Stars N Stripes canvas a little while back and my friend Judith Furie wasted no time in stitching it right up.  As always, Judy added a lot of her own personal touches, such as the vivid beadwork on the star, the sequins on the corner stars and my favorite, the red, white and blue corners.  Judy's stitching is the perfect example of when the stitcher actually enhances and improves upon the painted design.  Way to go Judy, I will look forward to seeing this again when it comes back from the finishers!

Another super-speedy stitcher, Karen Barras got very far out ahead of the Halloween rush by starting and finishing my Witch Hat House in less than two weeks!  I am just so thrilled with how this came out-- the stitches are just perfect, from the dimensional dots on the house to the flowing grass to the electrically purple zig-zag sky.  The cool embellishments are the perfect final touch, my fave is the pumpkin next to the door.  This one is a real winner Karen, I am also really looking forward to seeing this again finished!

Last but certainly not least, Coni, the Spinster Stitcher Her Very Self, got off to an amazing start last week on my Orchid Maze counted canvas design.  She has a good chunk of the framework already in and probably will be done in no time!  Please take your time dear Coni, it's too much of a thrill for me to make an appearance on your blog to want you to rush through this!  I hope so much that you will enjoy stitching this as much as I have enjoyed reading your blog, but that would be impossible I think, as I have literally had to wipe tears of laughter away while reading your fantastic blog.  If there is still anyone out there who doesn't read the Spinster Stitcher, stop reading this right now, scroll down and click the link to it on the right-- you won't regret it! 

Hope you have found these to be as inspiring as I have!  Until next time, Happy Stitching! 


  1. I may have seen these before. Does that mean I am spending too much time on the internet looking at needlepoint? Heck, yes, it does. Great projects!

  2. Everything looks just wonderful.