Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trick Or Treat!

I have a whole bag full of Halloween goodies for you today!  First of all is this super cute Bride of Frankenstein treat bag, stitched by Robin Smith and finished by Aristeia.  

Look at all the loot they managed to fit in there! The canvas is only 2.5 inches square so I'm pretty impressed with their "piling it on" skills.  Robin did a great job with the stitching, I especially like the little side swoop hairdo she gave to Mrs. F!  Great job Robin, thanks for sharing your photo!

Suzy Lee shared her stitched Monster Mash cone with me too and here it is!

Suzy is a great stitcher who is always working on amazing projects, so I was pretty flattered when this one made its way into her stitching rotation.  I love her thread choices on this one, especially for the stripes and for the werewolf.  Wonderful work Suzy, thanks for sharing your photo and please do send me another when it comes back from the finisher. 

You may have seen this one on Ruth's blog last week.  This is my Pumpkin Patch canvas being worked on by Judy from a stitch guide by Brenda Hart.  Sure hope Judy will finish it and send me more pictures! 

Finally, I'd like to reintroduce this project.  This is my Witch Hat Topiary that Threads offered as a class last March.  It is now available as a complete kit and they would be happy to send you one!  The stitch guide is amazing for this canvas-- a different stitch and thread for each stripe plus beaded fringe too! 

Hope you've enjoyed these little treats and until next time, Happy Stitching! 

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  1. All too cute...and the ad Threads put together is awesome!