Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stitching Games 2013 Update

We are off to a great start so far, with 12 participants posting photos of their "game" canvas as of today. (And I am still trying to pick one out of my stash-- too many choices!) No surprise that we have some clever stitchers who have really taken off running with January's "shape up" clue.  Here is Kelly's Rebbecca Woods Easter-themed canvas, and her really adorable interpretation of this month's clue: "The bunnies have all gotten dressed and are concentrating on their stretches, Zumba moves and jumping jacks.  This is part of their training and "shape up" for the big 5K Egg Run later in the year.

Palma chose a Mary Lake Thompson garden scene for her game canvas, and her take on the clue could become the beginning of a short story: "Humphrey the bird had too much to eat and drink during the holidays. Worried about her husband's waistline Helga, a.k.a. Mrs Bird, hired a personal trainer, Mr Bunny to get her husband back in shape. He was told to fly 10 times around the neighborhood as part of his daily exercise. Helga was on watch duty to make sure Humphrey would not make a beeline to the house and make it to the couch. Junior was very proud of papa."

There are eight more canvases posted so far that we are all looking forward to seeing stitched, including  a Mindy, a Beau Geste, Brenda Stofft, a couple of Maggies and even a couple of "mysteries" (Debra would love it if someone could help ID her Nutcracker canvas!)  So come stop by when you can and check it out, the more the merrier! Click here for the direct link to the discussion page. 


  1. Hi Ada! sounds like fun...looking for that nutcracker canvas to see if I can help identify it for Debra

  2. Thanks Vicky! I've updated this post so that now if you click on the word "Nutcracker" it will go directly to the page with the photo.

  3. Ada!! Aren't you sweet to mention my silliness on your blog. Thank you.

  4. Sorry Ada, I don't recognize it... I think Susan Roberts or Damarj when it comes to nutrcackers, but don't thinks so!