Monday, January 14, 2013

Decisions, Decisions...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to join in the new Stitcherie "Stitching Games" fun, but now that I've finally trolled through my stash canvases, I cannot make up my mind between the five (FIVE!) I've narrowed it down to.  I found canvases that I didn't even realize I owned, and worse, I searched for canvases I was sure I had bought but apparently I didn't!  (Please tell me that you have done this too!)  

Anyway, here are the contenders-- Raymond's Pink & Green Tree, 5x7 on 18 count.  I'll bet this is Raymond's all-time best seller, I see it everywhere, and practically everyone I know has it in their stash-- do you?? 

Next up, one of Melissa's fabulous Pagodas, this is 7x7 on 18 ct.  Love these colors, plus since the January clue is "shape up" I've already thought about what I would stitch on this one-- the clouds!  Why?  They're pretty fluffy, like me, especially now after the holidays, lol! 

I really love this next canvas, it's part of a set of four from Patti Paints, size 5x10 on 18.  It's the little black kitty swatting at the strings from her magic wand that made it a "must have" for me.  I'm feeling partial to this one but I'm not sure if it's enough to keep stitching on for 10 months.

Now for something totally different, an abstract design from Amanda Lawford.  This one is a biggie, 8x10 on 13 count.  This would be a good finish for me, as it would make an excellent pillow in my living room which I'm decorating in this color scheme. (Or at least trying to-- already some pink and orange have found their way in there!) 

Last but certainly not least is another abstract-style biggie, a fantasy forest scene from Birds of a Feather, 10x10 on 13 count.  I love, love, love BOF designs-- I think I have more of their canvases in my stash than almost anybody else, but they are all unstitched.  They are so pretty that I have been happy just displaying them on the cork boards lining one wall of my hobby room.  They are artwork, after all, and deserve to be out on the display at least even if not stitched.  

So here they all are-- what do you folks think?  I think that have to make a decision and fast!  The month is halfway over and I need to get something on bars and get some stitches on it-- February's clue will be here all too soon!  Decisions decisions... I promise I'll let you know which one it will be by the end of this week!  In the meantime, Happy Stitching!


  1. Tough choices to be sure. I think since you want that Amanda Lawford piece for your living room that you should do that one. That's kind of how I chose Circus Dogs. I want to look at it rather than know it is here somewhere. :) And yes, I discovered things I didn't know I owned and have yet to lay hands on things I do know I own. (Queen of Hearts, where are you?) Have fun making up your mind.

  2. have five great canvases to choose from. I agree with Karen. I like the Amanda Lawford canvas, but only because it matches my turquoise front door and lime green porch furniture. :-). I may have to add this one to my stash!! The BOF is my second choice.

  3. I vote for the Patti Paints witch. You certainly can drag her out over a long period waiting for clues, you know!

  4. What great choices you have! I vote for the Melissa Shirley Pagoda. It called out to me for a challenge of this sort.