Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First New Designs of 2013!

It's time to introduce my first new canvas designs of the year!  The first TNNA needlework market is gearing up and shop owners across the country are getting set to place their orders for new designs, so here is a preview of my new offerings.  If you see something you can't live without, contact your favorite store to have them order one for you!

My recent move really threw me for a loop, so my new line for this year is a little smaller than in years past, with twelve new designs total.  Here are my four new Christmas and Holiday designs:

I was really in a "Mod" '60's state of mind for some reason this year, so I painted "Mod Ornaments".  This is 9" x 9" on 18 count.

And then came "Mod Merry"!  This is 7"x9" on 18 count.  Lots of room to try out fun stitches on this one!

I had to call this one "It's a Mod, Mod Christmas", but several people have told me that not only is this an overall pattern design that could be appropriate for all year, but with a simple color change it would also be a great design for Hanukkah.  This is 7.5" x 9" on 18 count.

This little fellow snuck into the mix somehow, probably because I have cardinals on the the brain as I am lucky enough to have a whole flock of them at my feeders every day.  I posted this on my Facebook page and he quickly became the winner of "viewer's choice" with the most comments of any of the designs.  Guess a lot of you also love cardinals, and I think I see some more cardinal designs in my future as well!  This is a small canvas, 3.5" x 5" on 18.

I was also in the mood to paint florals too and added four new ones into the line:

This is White Peonies, 8" x 8" on 18 count.  I am really into this aqua color, it seems to be everywhere these days!

And this is Rose and Butterfly (clearly I was stumped for whimsical titles this season!) and it is 6" x 6" on 18.  Orange, pink and brown is a color scheme I continue to be obsessed with-- the dark chocolate color on the butterfly is a regular brown paint, but the other browns are actually several different shades of dark gold metallics, which give the canvas a nice sparkle that doesn't show up well in the photograph.

I'll leave off with this half of the collection for now and show you the rest later in the week.  Until then, Happy Shopping! 

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