Friday, January 4, 2013

Let the (Stitching) Games Begin!

There is a fun new stitching game starting this month over on Stitcherie and I am so excited to both participate in and spread the word about it.  "Stitching Games 2013" kicks off this month and it couldn't be easier to join in, as you have the option of using a canvas already in your stash.  Of course, you could buy a new one or even paint your own if you wanted, as it's a pretty flexible game you will be playing, with lots of room for using your imagination.  Our wonderful K.B. (she of the Challenge fame from last year) has cooked up this idea and will be playing moderator along with Ruth Schmuff.  I'll give you the gist of the idea here, but be sure to read the rest of the details here over on Stitcherie.  

You should choose a canvas that can accommodate 10 different "treatments", as you will be stitching a bit of the canvas each month for 10 months, so it doesn't need to be so much a large canvas as it should be something that has enough detail to give you something to work out your "clues" on each month.  At the beginning of each month Karen will post a new clue and you will interpret what the clue means to you and stitch that portion of your canvas.  To get started, you should post a photo of your unstitched canvas on Stitcherie, then thereafter post a photo a month after you have stitched each clue, along with a description of how you interpreted the clue on your canvas.  And yes, there will be prizes involved-- one prize awarded for each month of the Games! Participants will have all of November to finish stitching their canvas, and in December the voting begins to pick the Viewer's Choice prize for the overall favorite canvas.

I myself have yet to even pick out a canvas, but I plan to do that this weekend.  Meanwhile, the game has officially started, so I'll share with you here what has happened so far.  K.B. has chosen Melissa Shirley's "Circus Dogs" for her Games canvas and posted the picture on the group's page:

Melissa chose Raymond Crawford's Christmas Model A:

The clue for January is "Shape Up" (pretty appropriate for this time of year, no?) and Melissa interpreted the clue as the "spare tire" many of us are carrying around after the holidays (or year round in my case, lol) as the tires on the Model A.  See what I mean about using your imagination?  She did a fantastic job on those rims! 

See how fun this will be?  Everyone will be posting their photos which is sure to stir up some pretty fun chatter too.  I'll keep you updated here, but I do hope you'll pick out a canvas and come join us-- the more the merrier!  And even if you don't stitch along, we love the folks who cheer from the bleachers too-- hope to see you there! 


  1. Ada, thanks so much for promoting the Stitching Games 2013! Can't wait to see which canvas you choose. One small correction: the month of November will be for finishing up whatever didn't get stitched with a clue. December 1 the voting will open for, if memory serves, until December 15. So the Viewer's Choice prize will be awarded just in time for the holidays.

  2. Thank you Karen for putting this together! I've updated the post to correct the November/December info.

  3. Great summary Ada. I tried to post about it as well, but you did a much better job :) Just so we get as many people to play!