Friday, June 22, 2012

To Market, To Market!

This weekend is the Summer needlework trade show in Columbus, otherwise known as "the Market" by your LNS owners.  It's one of two large wholesale shows each year where shop owners see the latest and greatest in needlepoint and meet the canvas designers.  If you are blog hopping and otherwise doing some online shopping this weekend you will probably see a lot of updates and pictures of "What's New" from this market.  I updated my own website with my new designs a couple of weeks back (and I did one or two sneak peeks back in April here on the blog) but I thought I would go ahead and spotlight a few more of the new canvases here today as well.

Fairy Tales are everywhere this year, both on TV and in the movies (there have been two Snow White movies just this year) so I decided to get with the trend and add them to my line. Of all of the designs, it is this Snow White one that I have had the most positive feedback on, which surprised me as I had worried that no one else would like the color scheme but me! Shows how much I know.  But I thought that the colors red, white and black were central to the storyline so I went with it.  The text that I have added to each canvas is in reference to the beautiful illustrated fairy tale books we all read growing up. 

If a larger canvas is not your thing, I took a couple of the motifs from the Cinderella collage and made them into ornament sized canvases.  This is Cindy's pumpkin coach, I also did one for her magic slipper.

I did not want to miss out on the "Keep Calm" trend either, since there are more variations on that theme in needlepoint seemingly every day.  Here is my take on the Keep Calm & Carry On poster:

I also added to my HalloweenVille collection with four new designs.  This one is Tricks or Treats:

This one is a view into a witch's own garden, her plants have gotten somewhat out of control! 

I didn't neglect my Kitty Collection either, eventually I will have one for every holiday.  This is Paddy Paws:

Canvas inserts for pre-finished leather goods are in big demand so I have added this 5x6 version of Floating Flowers to the line:

I haven't added anything to my Stars collection for a while so this summer I have two new ones, a Holiday version of my Halloween Star and a new large (8x10) design that I'm calling Falling Stars:

Those are the highlights, but if you wish to see the entire collection, please check out my What's New page over on my website.  I'll be perusing all the other What's New pages I can find in the next couple of weeks, I can't wait to see what else we'll all be stitching on this Fall.  Until then, Happy Stitching! 

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