Saturday, June 9, 2012

More New Scissor Fobs!

Scissor Fobs have been a hot little accessory item lately!  They have been flying out the door over at Ruth's Bedecked and Beadazzled, so she had me send a new batch this week.  Here's what I sent this time:

I took a picture of these "lollipop" fobs hanging from a dowel to better show how the silver chain tassels drape asymmetrically.  The center bead that looks so much like candy is actually made from felt!  All five "flavors" are accented with crystal beads.

These "Goofy Ghouls" fobs are a lot of fun-- I even kept one for myself!  The center beads have zany "eyes" that always seem to be looking at you and they are framed with big pumpkin-orange crystals and lampwork spacers.  The tassels at the ends are metal scrapbook tags mixed with square lampwork glass pendants.   

Here are two views of a Pirate-themed fob, the first one is hanging up so you can see how the pewter Jolly Roger charm dangles above the tassel trim and the second is laying flat so that you can see all three of the silk tassels and the rest of the crystal beads.

I always have to include some pink and green!  Both of these designs feature rhinestone covered Pave' beads. 

I also like more subdued color schemes, provided they are also very sparkly!  This fob features very large Indicolite blue and Crystal AB color stones accented with a big rhinestone ball. 

You may have noticed that every batch of fobs I show here is different.  That's because I make each style in a very small quantity, often limited by the number of beads I have.  I'm often able to make more or substitute a similar bead, but very often each style is a limited edition if I am not able to restock the featured beads.  So please don't be disappointed if a style you like is sold out already, I may be able to make more but if not, I may come up with something new that you might like even better!  


  1. Your School of Fish fob certainly flew out of Ruth's door it is on its way to Australia :)

  2. Wow, all the way across the world! Thanks so much, hope you will enjoy it!

  3. Love them all. I have been neglecting my scissor fobs lately. I need to get them out. You are an inspiration.

  4. Thanks Stephanie, looking forward to seeing them on your blog!