Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Traveling Shoes

This month is cut out to be an especially busy one for me, so I knew that if I was going to finish my Stitching Games clue for May, I had better change my last-minute ways and get it done first thing.  It didn't hurt that the clue for May was an easy one (at least for me it was!) "Road Trip" was our clue and I stitched my gal some traveling shoes--  since she doesn't have a broom, she'll be clicking those sparkly  heels together to do her road-tripping! 

And since we are on the subject of witches, here's a couple of nice photos of my Witch Hat Halloween Star from over on Kreinik's blog, where they used it for a demo of their fabulous new Easter Braid thread. (Yep, it's not just for Easter canvases!)

Thanks for looking, hope you all are having a wonderful (and stitchy) Spring!

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