Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gardening Tips

Today I am sharing some extra photos of the Spring Garden Floss Tag, the third project in the set after the Humbug and the Biscornu.  This project appears in the current May/June issue of Needlepoint Now:

In my last post, I shared with you my source for the best way to do Chain Stitch, which is the technique I use for assembling all of the Spring Garden series projects. Here is a photo of the tag in the finishing process with one of the sides joined together:

Here is a photo of the Humbug, illustrating how the Chain stitch border is used to join the edges with Whip stitch, sliding the needle cleanly under the pair of Chain stitches:

This is a really easy way to self-finish small items-- I hope you will give it a try!

Speaking of Needlepoint Now projects, here is a close up photo of Prismatic Quartet, which is available as a reprint now that the original magazine issues it appeared in have sold out.

It was my hope when I designed this piece that it would inspire stitchers to raid their stash and put their own spin on the original design.  I was extremely happy to see this photo in a recent edition of the Needlepoint Now newsletter-- Ruth Wallis stitched her Prismatic Quartet as a Duet, using mostly stash threads and adding her own borders to the outside edges.  I love the result, it came out fantastic, don't you agree?  

Great work Ruth, thanks so much for sharing!  If anyone else out there has any photos of my designs, finished or not, please do send them on to me, I love showing off your work!  

Finally, I'd like to show off my ad in the recent issue of Needlepoint Now, wonderfully put together for me by my distributor, Ruth Schmuff. It features designs from my 2013 collection, Cardinal Joy, Mod Merry and Floral Collage:

That's it for now, next time I'll be back with some peeks at what will be new for Summer 2013!  Thanks for looking and Happy Stitching!

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