Saturday, March 4, 2017

Souvenir Canvases

I love canvases that commemorate an event, memory or place.  This is a canvas I painted as a souvenir for of a group of friends who I go to a stitching retreat with at The Liberty Hotel in Cleburne, TX a few times a year. I stitched the one on the top and gave it to the hotel staff for their Christmas tree. My friend Linda stitched the one below and she made a very nice job of it too!

I also painted a souvenir canvas for our favorite needlework shop, also located in Cleburne, Fancy Stitches.  This one was stitched by shop teacher Cynthia:

I also have a series of canvases painted for the annual Needlepoint Love Story at Thistle Hill in Fort Worth.  These are the first 3 in that series:

And this is the 2017 one:

Thanks so much to Sally, Sualice, Suzy, Naomi and French Knot for their great work on the Thistle Hill ornament series!

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