Sunday, April 10, 2016

Finishing Off the Week!

Lots and lots of great finishing to show off today, thought I'd clean up my photo files this Sunday morning and get next week started off clean! 

Winter Tree stitched by Diane G., finishing by Diana Sagamoe:

My friend Liz B. stitched this Thistle Hill 2015 ornament:

Nancy O's beautiful Easter Collage, finished at Chapparal in Houston:

Polly V., your Cowgirl Witch cam out great, love her and the finishing!

This one is a real oldie, but I couldn't resist-- Pastel Puzzle, finished at The Needle Works, Austin:

Cardinal Joy, courtesy of Fancy Stitches:

Sparkle Star, courtesy of Fancy Stitches:

Stars and Stripes, stitched by Jennifer G:

Mod Merry, stitched by Kathy H:

Floating Tiles, courtesy of NeedlePoint of La Jolla:

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