Sunday, March 13, 2016

Special Delivery!

I'm up in the Dallas area this weekend, and I'm taking the opportunity to stop by Fancy Stitches for a special delivery-- this small mountain of canvas for the Stitch A Falling Star Club!

That's two stacks of 50 canvases each for the next two months of the club!  I hate having to put that many canvases in the mail so I am only too happy to be able to drop them off in person!
Now if you are in the club, don't jump the gun, these aren't due for release real soon.  Gayle and the ladies have to wear their little fingers out getting the edges taped first, plus put the last of the thread kits together.  But soon my friends, soon!  The canvases are ready and waiting, so meanwhile just keep on stitching that fox! 

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