Saturday, February 6, 2016

Oh So Trendy!

I love it when I discover that I am "on trend" with something!  I am a regular follower of Jane's Chilly Hollow needlework blog and read her posts on the current "elf trend" with avid interest!  Elves, and elves with packages were a common sight at the big January needlepoint market.  My elf collection dates way back to two years ago, so I guess I was ahead of the game for once on this one.  So what's old is now new again, may I present to you my Kringle Belles!

Gift Delivery Elf:

Candy Gathering Elf:

Tree Decorating Elf:

All three little gals also come in a smaller stand-up size and an ornament size too!

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these little girls again, I hope to introduce some new pieces to this collection soon! 

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear more elves are on the way! I love these, with their smiles and pastel colors! I updated the second article to add that Ada is ahead of her time--as usual!