Thursday, July 31, 2014

July was a little different for the Stitching Games, we had 5 clues to work with instead of just one.  KB pulled one new clue every Monday, and I waited until the last week so that I could choose which one to work with.  I ended up with the one pulled early in the month-- "koi". With that clue, I decided I could kill two birds, namely, re-work the background area behind the cats with a new stitch and thread, since I had decided a while back that I didn't like what I'd already stitched there.  I auditioned the new thread and stitch (Brick stitch with 1 strand of HighLights) on the background area of the Bats panel.  I like it, this one's a keeper!  So I have a new area stitched and and a re-do of an existing area complete for this month.  Only three more clues left and we are done!

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