Monday, December 16, 2013

We Have a Winner!

Voting ended for the Stitching Games Viewer's Choice Award this weekend, and the winner was Nancy K. and her Bird Song canvas!  Congrats to you Nancy, we can't wait to hear what your prize will be! As I understand it, Ruth Schmuff is putting the prize together, so it's sure to be spectacular!

I expect most of this year's participants will be joining in on the Games for next year too.  I know I am already picking a canvas from my stash for next year, the trouble is in narrowing it down to just one.  Hope some of you may decide to join in too!

Speaking of Stitcherie and our talented group of stitchers, this is my Chat Noir canvas as stitched by K.B., who is one of the masterminds behind the Stitching Games and a very fine stitcher too!  She did a  great job with this canvas, I am loving those background stitches!

That's it for now, hope your holiday season isn't too busy.  I am in the midst of painting new designs for the needlepoint market this January, but still trying to find time to stitch.  Currently, I am trying to get caught up on Ruth's latest Mystery Class, Silly Christmas Birds. Hopefully, Christmas will bring lots of extra stitching time for all of us! 

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  1. Ada, thanks so much for supporting the games this year and for showing off Max!