Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stitching Games Wrap Up, Vote for Viewer's Choice!

You may recall that it's been a while since I last updated you on the Stitching Games progress over on Stitcherie.  Lo and behold, we are now very close to the end, and do I have lots of great finishes to show you!  Actually, the official end is not until December 8th, so I am jumping the gun a bit.  There will no doubt be a few more posted by then, so I will update this post again.
It's important to note that from December 9th to the 15th, all posted finishes will be up for the Viewer's Choice award, so I would like to invite you all to come on over to Stitcherie to cast your vote.  You need not have participated in the Games in order to be able to vote, so do come see all the entries and pick your favorite!

Here is my Stitching Games canvas, Ethel the Little Witch by Patti Paints:

Judy G.'s Asian Rider by JP Needlepoint:

Nancy K.'s Bird Song by Quail Run:

Kelly W.'s Bunny Cottage by Rebecca Wood:

Susan A.'s Cupcake by Mindy:

Mary T.'s Flying Sheep by Brenda Stofft:

Debra S.'s "Gustav" by Susan Roberts:

Judy F.'s Joan Thomasson Angel:

Karen H. (of Zecca Designs) Fan:

Lynne D.'s Merry Deer by Maggie:

Barbara B.'s Sea Life Collage by Mindy:

Melissa M.'s Model A by Raymond:

Pretty amazing work, right?  My fellow Games participants proved to be an amazingly talented group. I am already looking forward to stitching with them again next year!  Again, stop by to view and vote, and consider hanging around to join us for next year's Games. It is great fun and you will have a completed canvas by the end to boot, it's a win-win! 


  1. Ok, Sea Life Collage, but it's very very close. I adore them all!

  2. Bird Song won by a hair - so many are so wonderful that it's hard to choose.