Friday, August 23, 2013

Are You Ready for Halloween??

I was just out shopping this morning, and yes, the Halloween stuff is already making it's appearance on the shelves!  With the back to school rush over with, the stores are pretty eager to move on to the next event.  No complaints from me, as I absolutely LOVE Halloween!  I have to say though, that after a few years of living up north, the early appearance of Halloween goodies was bittersweet as it really marked the end of blissful summer and reminded me of the dreaded upcoming winter (I am a warm-weather gal!).  Here in Houston I get to enjoy Halloween and the Fall season fully, with no real winter coming to dread, I am loving it!
Seeing the spooky goodies on the shelves today reminded me of two Halloween projects I wanted to share with you.  First off is my Halloween Night Collage, which is one of the canvases being stitched at Pocket Full of Stitches' upcoming Canvas Enhancement class with Robin King.  Here is the fabulous thread kit she has pulled for it:

I am hoping for some pictures of the stitching progress on this from the retreat, I know it is going to be fabulous!  Robin will have the stitch guide available for purchase after October 1st. 

Ruth Schmuff has also written a stitch guide and pulled a thread kit for my other Halloween Collage canvas and here it is:

Are those threads just mouth-watering or what??  I am especially loving those ribbons in the upper right hand corner.  

Hope I have gotten you in the mood to stitch one or both of these!  Be sure to share the photos with me and I'll make sure to show them off here on the blog.  Until next time, Happy Stitching! 


  1. Hi Ada,
    Thanks for the nice shout out. The PFOS retreat will be here soon (yikes!) and I will be taking work-in-progress photos of your Halloween Night. Thanks for all of your wonderful art. Did you also see where your mini-Halloween Squares are part of the ANG online Auction? Congrats to you! Hugs and Boo. Robin

  2. Thank you so much for pointing them out to me, I would have surely missed them otherwise!! Cannot wait to see the photos from the retreat!! XOX Ada

  3. I am stitching the Halloween Night Collage with Robin at Pfos right now. Have gotten about 60 percent done. Loving it! Thank you for designing such a great piece.

    1. What great news! I was really hoping that the person working on my canvas would be a speedy-stitcher! Can't wait to see some photos! I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying your canvas, thanks for choosing one of mine-- Ada