Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Merry & Bright Shipping Soon!

My newest club series, "Merry & Bright" is going to start shipping very soon!  Another exclusive from Fancy Stitches, the kits include canvas, threads and of course a great stitch guide by Martha Johnson, Queen of Color and Bling!

This time they will be shipped every other month,  giving us all a little breathing room between projects, how nice!  Just give Gayle a call at 817-641-4761 to get signed up, then just let me know if you'd like the join the Merry & Bright Facebook group I'm setting up. We had a FB group for our last club and it was lots of fun, so of course I'm doing it again! 

The photos here show you all 5 designs, and we are offering them in TWO color schemes, Bright and Traditional!

Please visit Fancy Stitches web page to see the complete set in the Traditional colors!

This is the first design in the series:

An example of the Traditional color version:

Our print ad with all the info:

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