Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Updated My Website for 2016!

I updated my website in the first week of 2016, prior to the TNNA Winter Market. Be sure to click on the link above and come take a peek.  Below are a few of the new items posted all over the site:

My newest Halloween design is called Happy Haunting Grounds.  This canvas is available for order now in advance of Sandy Arthur's Mystery Class which will start in July.  For more details on signing up, click here.

This is one of many new photos I posted in the Finishing Gallery:

This is my newest design for Needlepoint Now magazine, it's featured on my Publications page:

This is one of the ornaments from my new "Stitch a Falling Star" club, read more on my Exclusive Series page:

Back later with even more new stuff! 


  1. Really eye-catching website you've got here- certainly some serious design gone in to it! Love your label section down the side- way more attractive than the usual lists or tabs. Can't say needle art is my kind of thing- looking for something for my daughter- but the site blew my socks off!

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

  2. Thanks for letting us now about the new website. It looks fantastic! The needlecraft designs look amazing, so much intricacy and hard work. It will be great to show them all off on the new website. It is very slick and professional - just like the needlecraft, and so much easier to see them all grouped together in themed collections.

    Edwin @ Clicks In Motion

  3. These are some great designs. I particularly like how you integrated all those colors by incorporating them in an enclosed space. The contrasting features such as the black cat and the witch makes a fascinating background. Keep us posted because these designs have given me some great insights that I can use.

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO