Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Quartet of Owls and More!

I have been waiting a long time to see these owls from my Hoot Hoot! club come back from West Coast Finishing and they were so worth the wait!  Judy G. used mostly stash threads, so I love to see the variations between these and the original series models. And as always, I just love Sue Parson's finishing! Great work, ladies!

And here is a trio of my designs made up into pillows for your perusal, each has some interesting variations as well. 

This is my Alpine Puzzle, courtesy of Fancy Stitches.  I love that this small 6x6 design has been inset into a much larger pillow, and the color, wow!  The bright had green is a very tiny part of the stitched piece, so I love that that color was chosen for the fabric, really makes it pop!

This is my Floating Hearts design, an 8 x 8 design that has been made into an only slightly larger pillow, and the extremely bright original colors have been greatly toned down, but I really like it!  Good work to the ladies at Gone Stitching!

This amazing transformation of my Lilly Damask design is courtesy of Rita S.  Originally in hot pink and lime green, Rita transformed into a very formal and elegant royal purple and green to better match her home decor.  Love it!

Keep those great finishing photos coming folks, I love to see your creativity!

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